Fresh Bread!

Seven ingredients. Simple ~Tasty!

Unsliced bread stays fresh longer.

Learn to slice your bread, and you will never want pre-sliced again.

Slice your bread thin,
or thick.

Artisan Bread Handcrafted &
Baked Fresh Daily.

Glenn's bread...

Years ago.... back in 1984... I was working at the China Lake Naval Weapons Center in the Mojave desert. During our lunch breaks I had noticed a nice older gentleman that always had great looking whole wheat bread.

One day he gave me a loaf of bread and it was really good. I asked him the following day where I could buy it, and he looked at me and said, "You can't. If you want bread like this, you have to make it yourself."

He taught me how to make it and I have been baking my own bread ever since. In over 20 years, I have not changed anything. It tastes just as good now as then.

I grind (mill) whole wheat berries into flour right before making the dough. It could not be any fresher than it is. People over the years have asked me to sell them this bread, and now I am. I make each loaf by hand.

Today, I am baking lots of it. Try it... you'll love it!